Aug 042012

I hate getting lost. It’s not just the time wasted driving out of my way, it’s the additional wasted time to backtrack. Sometimes it’s because the car’s navigation system is out of date. 

That’s easy to fix. Navteq offers updates for most brands and models, and it’s a simple download so you are never lost again.

It’s not just saving time and avoiding frustration.  Using an up-to-date navigation system also can increase fuel efficiency by 12%, which translates to a 21% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions compared with a vehicle driven without a navigation system, or an outdated one.

Plus, you lower wear and tear on tires and other parts of your vehicle, including tires.

Update your vehicle’s nav system by make and model — here are links to some more popular navi updates, plus a couple of hard-to-find updates for Mercury and Volvo —

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